A creative and sincere take on humanity’s future


Have you ever considered what is going to happen? Probably not, apart from fleeting moments of doubtful clarity. Allow me to enlighten to you. Our world or rather that of the future generations is bound to be doomed. We’re run out of, well we’re running out of everything we possibly could run out of…, forests, clean air, usable water, fuel,food. The only hope for the future generations of the human race now would be unparalleled advances in technology, something on the scale of the discovery of fire or maybe, probably even more crucial to the survival of the human race. The most hopeful thing that I personally have come across are Elon Musk’s efforts to establish a colony on another planet in the future.

Imagine that we find another planet to live on. Imagine we established colonies in more than one planet and that space travel and exploration boomed.


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